Web Design & Development

Responsive Website Design

You are a well established or a startup business, an NGO or a simple blogger, you need a modern and responsive website, over which you have an unlimited control. Plume & Papyrus provides you with easy and user-friendly websites allowing you to delete, add, and edit your web content with simple clicks. Whether you are using a laptop, a tablet, or a smart phone, our websites are all mobile optimized. With WordPress, which is the system we use the most, we believe that if you can update your Facebook and twitter, you can update your website. So don’t get lost in the past further, and let Plume & Papyrus come to your rescue with stunning and responsive websites. Call us at (240) 586-2877 in Washington, DC and we will be glad to discuss your needs and how we can help with your projects.

Content Management & Maintenance

You’re new in handling online businesses or just uncomfortable with digital language? Well, you’re not alone, and it’s ok, you cannot do everything on your own. Most small business owners and NGOs managers do not have the appropriate qualifications to recognize issues with their websites, or simply do not have the time the to handle them. Why your website pages do not properly display, why links lead to wrong places, and why your communication forms stop sending messages? These are just some of the issues you could be experiencing with your websites, and they could cost you time and business. Plume & Papyrus is here to help you with that. We will maintain your website and prevent it from the many issues that break it. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.


Are you in retail business and looking to expend your sell online? Plume & Papyrus will provide your business with a secure, reliable, and easily manageable e-commerce website to sell your products. We create for you a website adapted to your business. The online stores we propose to our clients allow them to independently and easily mange their client list, stocks, commands, delivery and payment methods. Please do not hesitate to contact us to have a personalize quotation.


Blogging has become one the best ways of conveying ideas, marketing products, publishing independent articles or books, or simply communicating personal or general stories. Plume & Papyrus creates modern, simple, and responsive web blog that looks more like you, and allows you to easily share news and spread your words all over the world.